John G. Whittier Elementary School



Whittier is 100 years old this year… and in celebration.  It is being shut down.


Details in the brickwork.

The playground area has an open dumpster in it- another pet peev that I have seen at many schools.  Open dumpsters have no business being near small children.  They are an eye sore and a health hazard (the dumpsters that is… not the children 🙂


Right next to an autobody carwash and the James Allen Shuler Playground which has a pool, hoops in good repair with lights (!!!), a baseball diamond, a totlot and a playground for bigger kids.  The parks department has done an awesome job of keeping the community play area in good repair- and that they can do that in the same neighborhoods where the school district has failed to replace basketball hoops speaks to the bankruptcy/bureaucracy/ineptness of the school district and their facilities departments.


Leif plays on the playground with Whittier in the background.


The baseball diamond and pool are AMAZING facilities that I wish were near our Lea Elementary home school.  That Whittier is on the edge of Fairmount Park is yet another fabulous resource that it could draw from for classes, programs, and after school activities.



One thought on “John G. Whittier Elementary School

  1. went to Whittier in the sixties then to Spruance much shock value in change neighborhood is moving up believe it or not many secret changes on the way

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