Jay Cooke Elementary, RIP 2013




Cooke has been open since 1922.



A very hungry caterpillar mural- and some trash.


An empty playground lot- no hoops, no play structures.  Leif was not impressed.


Another vibrant and ironic mural of community gardening- a wishful thought that doesn’t seem to get implemented on the ground (literally).  Cooke Elementary has no visible gardens.  The vision is there… why isn’t this vision a reality?  Why are the school murals all of some fantastic and implausible reality that is just, just, just out of reach?  Are they meant to taunt the children and the community with what should be- but is not?  Do the mural paint an image worth working towards that no one can muster the energy to achieve… no one can take a pick ax to the concrete lots and pull them up- or put down container gardens??



5 thoughts on “Jay Cooke Elementary, RIP 2013

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