Ferguson Elementary School, RIP 2013


The school is across the street from a churchyard and religious(?) site.  This barbed-wire topped fence surrounds a lot with a mound topped with a cross.


There were street repairs at the entrance of the school.


A trash-filled parking lot… an easy thing to fix if anyone cared to.


The blacktop area has one functioning hoop.


The other backboard is broken.  Some shoes dangle from the phone wires in the background.


An open dumpster at the entrance to the schoolyard.




Can you imagine children learning to read by spelling out every letter of every word they see.  “Keep our schools clean.” “Cunt butt.”  Would this sort of thing (open dumpster, prominent placement, graffiti cuss words) fly at Penn Alexander- or one of the Lower Merion Schools that compete for Philadelphian families (and win)?




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