Anna B. Pratt Elementary School


Mural on the school entrance reads, “I am from the soil beneath the gray concrete.”  How many beautiful, strong people could be nourished by the soil beneath Philadelphia’s gray concrete?


Beautiful mural with a pitbull, a horse, and the city in the background near the school.


Little footprints in the concrete sidewalk leading out of the school- most likely not an intentional design- but a flaw that speaks to the little lives that bring their joyous chaos to the school.


A Pre-K from a nearby daycare enjoying the new playground area.  Leif loved it too- and this is a playground that is widely used by ancillary groups on the weekends and week days…. one that I wish we had at Lea Elementary.


Leif traverses the ‘Cruelty Free Zone’ and makes a B-line for the play area.  He was overjoyed that this school even had a play area after visiting so many others that did not even have a jungle gym.


I am always obsessed with investigating the hoops.  As a kid that spent A LOT of time playing basketball, this feature in a neighborhood and school is important to me.  There was not one functional hoop on this court- which though wide enough to be to standard had diminutive posts- and wouldn’t be too much fun for weekend hoops.


Kids at recess.  you can see how vast the grounds are- and how perfect they would be if re-done to include some functional play areas, gardens, grass, etc.  Also, the school had bars all the way up the windows- even on the top floors.

I should also note that Leif and I were hungry- and the two businesses that front this school are a funeral home and a liquor store- no smoothie joints or fruit stands.


3 thoughts on “Anna B. Pratt Elementary School

  1. Hi my name is natisha in my sons jamic&life goes to anna b pratt elementrary school!!!the teachers are great they take care of the kids very well ;my boys learn alot from the school !!when i told my boys the school wad closing they wanted to cry out of all the schools in philadelphia yall had to pick this school!!but u no what god is still gud in no wrapon form against this school shall prosper !!in the princpal mrs johnson is the sweeyest person u can no!¡In to mr parker u are a wonderful teacher 🙂 mrs michelle u are so nice 🙂 mrs schashaber my kids love u 🙂 ñrs robinson jamic in life loves u guys in if i forgot any body please forgive me!!from mrs robinson 🙂

    • I agree Natisha… this is school has a great new playground, a vast campus, and a lot of potential. The community seems to really love it- the trick is rallying and being a big enough pain in the rear for the SRC and City Hall to get the funding to stay open- with quality educational service!

  2. I went there in the early 90 Dr Heart was the best music ever but there was a teacher their abusing children and everybody knew about it and no one said or did nothing about it. He’s name was Mr. Brooks he was my 5th grade teacher.

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