Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds, Saved?


6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds, Saved?

  1. When I went to Leeds, 1971-73 the playing fields you mentioned belonged to Germantown High School. Leeds students had no access to them. I know space near Germantown High School was limited, but it was pretty sad that their team fields were so far from the school. Were the fields turned over to Leeds after Germantown closed?

    • hi Al- that is really strange. It seems like some kind of agreement could have been reached with Leeds as the playing fields are right next door to the school and so far away from Germantown High. I hear there are a lot of turf wars between principals who do not want to share local resources. And for that matter- there is no meeting of local school principals, lead teachers and heads of homeroom with local resources like the YMCA, neighborhood volunteer groups, nearby non-profits, or the parks and rec department folks. It would be great if over a 2 or 3 day meeting, the schools (principal, lead teacher, head of homeroom) could pitch their strengths, challenges and then craft an ask list based on what local groups offer (ie our neighborhood association offers reading tutor programs, the YMCA has swimming classes, and UPenn offers teacher continuing education – but not all our local public schools KNOW about these programs). This seems like an easy meeting to facilitate for the school district or SRC- and a potentially great way to get local principals to talk to each other, help each other, and draw from available local resources and community.

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